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Public Records contains documents that can help you out in many situations. If documentation exists related to court proceedings or in places like in titles and deeds or in legal transactions, Public Records will find it and pass it on to you. Your search can be done quickly and easily; all you need is a name to get started.

Public Records lists records of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and adoption records. If you’re searching for any of these documents, you can find them in one easy step. You can also locate information about property settlements, civil cases and criminal court cases on Public Records.

If you want to check someone’s history before hiring them, Public Records is an excellent place to find background information. It will show you information related to employment history and sex offender data. Arrest records will show up on Public Records, as well as any time spent in prison. Check if a friend has a bad driving record, or multiple DWIs those will show up, too. Shoplifting offenses will also show up on the search results. All this information is critical for you to know when dealing with other people. It’s all available on Public Records. Your business reputation is on the line!

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