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Address History is a detail of all the addresses a person has lived in. Nowadays, a large amount of people move from one place to another due to numerous reasons, and it, therefore, becomes mandatory to keep track of all the addresses the person has lived in. For this reason, there exists an address history. This helps to track all the addresses an individual has lived in. Normally, this history can be over an infinite period. However, in some jurisdictions, the rule is to provide the address history of the previous seven years an individual has moved from one place to another.

Address History provides information on a particular location, including details on the current residents, past residents, and neighborhood records. They also include address records, home records, location records, and residence records.

Address History is necessary for many reasons. This type of information can be helpful for the individual to keep a record of all the places he or she has lived in. It can also be useful in locating old friends and family who have moved to a different place and with whom you have lost contact for a while. The address history can be highly beneficial for a landlord if he wants to find a tenant who owed money or broke the lease etc.

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