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Family Records is where you need to search if you’re looking for your family’s history. If you need to find birth dates or dates of death, dates marriages took place or where couples were joined in marriage, or when a couple in your family ended their marriage. Maybe you need to find out if a couple in your family adopted children. You can find all this information and more with a search of Family Records.

You can find information in Family Records about your family’s immigration into the United States. Immigration for arrivals to the United States from foreign ports are available from as far back as the early 1800s and can provide you with facts about your family like:
Nationality, place of birth
Age, height, eye and hair color
Place of last residence
Name and address of relatives they were meeting in the United States

Family Records can provide you with this information for your journey back in time. Family Records can open the door to your past or provide the key to your future. Our servers are secure to ensure your search is confidential. All you need is a name to begin your search. Get started today!

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